Are you celebrating love? Whether it’s because you’d like to have a collection of more than 200 photographs of you and your soulmate or because your friends and family are waiting on those engagement pictures… This pack is will exceed your expectations!



We have coffee or beer - that’s what happens! We meet up to discuss ideas, whether it’s location, or whether you should go for balloons or confetti, if you should bring 10 dresses or 3, if you should wear a flower crown or a hat, if the dog or the cat can join. We discuss expectations, we discuss how you met, I tell you my short life story if you wanna hear it… We just have a good time.

You have no idea how this pre-session meet-up helps the actual session, so it’s important to me that it happens and if it can’t happen face-to-face, we’ll find a way to do it over the phone or skype or facetime.

I’ll give you tip on what to wear and we can check the weather app to pick a day! And no worries, if the weather decides to change meanwhile, we can also change the date!



Price: 3500DKK

(moms included)

The session takes as long as it’s needed. There is no pressure of time so eventually even if you think you’re not good in front of the camera, you’ll end up forgetting about it and enjoying a lovely day with your partner.

200 photographs delivered in the shortest amount of time.



Price: 4200DKK

(moms included)

Just like a couples session, this lovely engagement session takes as long as it’s needed. You’ll forget about the camera and start acting natural because there will be no pressure of time.

If you book a wedding pack with me, the engagement session will be included in the pack! This is a great way to save up some money, get to know me and learn how to relax in front of the camera so you’ll be extra prepared for your wedding day!