Joana and Søren

Holidays… Oh, how much we enjoy them! Dont’t we? Well, I took a week off work, a one week vacation meant for sleeping. But let’s face it, I can’t sleep that long and since I do a lot of pro-bono sessions I figured it would be nice of me to offer somebody a free session during my vacation, like a little Christmas gift.

It just happens to turn out that, my experience tells me that when you offer a free session, many want it but they often cancel, so I figured I would offer to photograph three couples and hopefully one of those three would show up!

I booked seven couples in the end because I am not quite right in my head. So much for sleeping, right? Unfortunatelly, 5 couples cancelled and the 6th couple I had to reschedule because of weather conditions but… There was a couple that showed up, didn’t forget and were absolutely adorable.

Gea Dancu