Whether you choose the maternity pack or the family pack, rest assured you’ll end up with photographs that are meaningful to you!

Let’s laugh together and have a great time in a beautiful location of your choice (location that I would love to personally scout for you) and breath easy because you will definetely have enough time to get comfortable with the camera!




The quiet before the storm…

Price: 3.800 DKK

(moms included)

Enjoy a minimum 2 hour session celebrating and documenting this precious time during pregnancy. Husband, partner and other children in the family are encouraged to participate in this personalized experience.

Around 105 photographs will be delivered in less than 4 weeks! 

The session can be both done in the comfort of your home if there is sufficient light but also outdoors in the weather is indulgent with us!

I do not batch edit your images.  They are all individually edited and retouched.  My art requires focus and time, but I promise it's worth it!

I also provide new born photos for an additional 2.100 DKK.



There’s nothing like a family having fun together…


Price: 4.200 DKK

(moms included)

My goal is to take the stress out of family photography for you so this is why enjoying a full day with you isn’t a problem for me. We can start while you prepare brekfast for the kids in the comfort of your own kitchen and then head out and do something fun! Fun! That’s what it’s all about: my sessions are fun, laid back, and meaningful. Most families say they are surprised by how much fun they have when we meet to make their images. My "clients" quickly become dear friends and they will all tell you how I pour everything into my sessions, making them enjoyable and fun! My style is laid back and minimalistic, focusing on your unique family connection.

Around 130 photographs, all individually retouched, will be delivered in less than 5 weeks!

Printing is possible for an additional charge depending on the desires size.

Album is also possible for an additional 1000DKK (40 photographs).


What happens before the session?

Coffee? Tea? A walk in the park? A visit at home? When it comes to setting up a session the most important thing is that I meet with you before. Anything can be arranged and this allows us to meet and discuss ideas for the session. I want you to feel comfortable around me from the first moment so whatever fits you best, that’s what’s going to happen first.

I have my own car so driving to a location of your choice isn’t a problem. And you don’t have to worry about covering for gas. That’s included in the price.